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Invite consultants to tender




Getting the best value and the right service is important. With this application you can invite your selected management consultants to bid, quote and apply for project work in 3 easy steps

  1. SEARCH for management consultants across the UK according to standards, industry expertise and geography.
  2. SELECT multiple management consultants that meet your business requirements
  3. SUBMIT the project requirement to consultants. This will only be sent to consultants you have carefully selected within the search area.


Benefits of the DNVBA Gateway:

Filter and select local consultants based on industry expertise and standards required.
Engage with as many consultants as you like and request further information without providing your contact details.
Once you complete your selection, you can open your requirements to bid to the consultants on your shortlist in a secure environment.
The DNV Quote Request Form provides you and the consultants with a framework to apply for certification. Its purpose in the My DNV context is a collaborative tool to address any key areas and share the information relevant to your certification.
Access online tools in MyDNV to assess readiness for certification withe the Online Self Assesment tool and get an Idea of costs with the online estimator.
Once you are ready for your certification audit, you can simply submit your formal request for a quotation to DNV or print the documentation for other use.